Hey gorgeous! My name is Hope and I'm the owner of Elevated Boudoir.

I'm a major foodie, step mom, and lover of Schitts Creek. While I love glamming it up, I'm most often found at home in my comfy clothes, with dry-shampoo streaks throughout my hair (anyone else try to go days without washing their hair?...Just me?). 

I started Elevated Boudoir years ago, after seeing how impactful boudoir photography was in my own life. Boudoir photo shoots are one of the quickest ways to see your body differently and step into your power. The purpose of Elevated Boudoir is to help women like you and me feel confident, sexy, and amazing in our own skin.

I believe that people of all shapes, size, abilities, and orientations should be able to embrace and love who they are. My team and I are here to help you not only FEEL amazing, but SEE how amazing you are!

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