Remarkably Exquisite Boudoir Photography in Utah at Elevated Boudoir Studio

With its transformative benefits and confidence-building energy,
boudoir photography in Utah is more than meets the eye.

Boudoir photography in Utah might seem contradictory, but the shutter sounds coming from the stunning, turn-of-the-century brick colonial would prove it’s alive and well. Tucked into a tree-lined street with mountain views of Draper, Utah, Elevated Boudoir studio is buzzing with sensual energy.

Drenched in sunlight with a feminine aesthetic, the studio is every girl’s dream. Walk-in closet full of gorgeous, size-inclusive lingerie. Hair and makeup suite that is warm and inviting, ready to put any jitters at bay. And a gifted photographer who made boudoir her passion after it changed her life.

Teal couch with pillows next to a table with boudoir photography hanging on the wall

Meet Hope

As a portrait photographer for eleven years, Hope Orr always had a way of getting people to feel confident in front of the camera. Working on her own Self-Love Journey, Hope took self-timed boudoir photos of herself a few years ago. The experience was so positive for her that she decided to do it for other women on a similar journey.

Two pictures of a brunette woman, the first picture she is dressed casually with a camera, and in the second picture she is in black lingerie posing for boudoir photography in Utah

On a path to embracing her sexuality, Hope started inner work around loving and accepting her body and most authentic self. That journey led her to empower women to do the same. With a deep understanding of how society has simultaneously condemned and coveted women’s bodies, Hope helps women regain their power through boudoir photography.

For the past three years, Hope has helped countless women tap into their sexuality and self-confidence in ways they never imagined. Through her photography, Hope has the profound ability to see into a woman’s soul and pull out her most genuine identity.

Hope’s philosophy is that boudoir photography is for every woman, regardless of body type or relationship status. Women of all ages have used Elevated Boudoir’s services for many reasons, and Hope’s work has encouraged women to heal from various traumas.

Her encouraging spirit won’t surprise those who know Hope personally; authenticity and genuine care know no limits. Her attentive and understanding demeanor makes her a safe space for women and their stories to land. 

Boudoir Photography Goes Beyond a Sexy Gift

Photo album of a blonde woman’s boudoir photographs on a black satin sheet

While gifting their partner a set of sexy pics for an upcoming anniversary can be a big motivator for women to take boudoir photos, it’s not the only one. Nowadays, more and more women are getting boudoir photos done for their eyes only. There are several reasons why this is.

Some women want boudoir photos to:

  • Heal from negative body image
  • Discover their sensual and sexual side
  • Celebrate a milestone
  • Overcome an obstacle in life such as divorce or a break-up
  • Commemorate their body for what it is today
  • Acknowledge their self-worth and encourage its growth
Brunette woman in lingerie, laying on a bed during a boudoir photography shoot in Utah

Growing up conservatively, some women might perceive embodying sensuality as taboo and awkward. Hope and her team have an exceptional talent for making them feel comfortable, irresistible, and empowered.

Boudoir photography allows women to stretch themselves in an unfamiliar direction, try something new and open themselves up to possibilities. During this process, Hope makes sure her clients feel safe and secure. She helps them boost their confidence by putting them in the driver’s seat of how they want to portray themselves.

After a few hours with Hope and her team, clients leave their session floating on Cloud 9. Learning to embrace their beauty, the women Hope photographs embark on a self-discovery journey of a lifetime. Whether they thought they struggled with body image or not, they come through the experience with a deeper understanding of themselves. 

Full-Service, Luxury Boudoir Photography in Utah

In 2022, when even celebrities are using photo-editing apps like Facetune, it’s no wonder women are so hard on themselves. The beauty standards have gotten so high that they’re unattainable. Hope is changing the narrative with her Utah-based boudoir photography. 

Showcasing women’s natural bodies for the gorgeous artwork that they are, Hope is helping to elevate the self-image of every woman who walks through the door. She planned to make the entire process of having boudoir photos taken as seamless and relaxed as possible. One look around Elevate Boudoir, and you can see that she succeeded.

Teal couch with pillows next to a table with boudoir photography hanging on the wall

Size-Inclusive Wardrobe Provided

As a full-service luxury boudoir studio, Elevated Boudoir provides its clients with a full range of lingerie. With her size-inclusive vision, Hope stocked her closet with over 250 pieces in sizes XXS to 5XL. 

Knowing that every woman has a different shape and silhouette, she chose various pieces that would please even the choosiest clients. A glimpse into the closet reveals countless fabrics, textures, and colors, all meant to compliment every skin tone and shade.

Elevated Boudoir Closet Includes:

  • Teddies
  • Bodysuits
  • Babydolls
  • Corsets
  • Robes
  • Satin sheets
  • Body jewelry
Closet full of lingerie in many styles and colors

Consultations are provided ahead of time so clients can look through the wardrobe and try things on. Clients can take comfort in knowing everything will look immaculate on the day of the photoshoot. Elevated Boudoir aims to provide an anxiety-free process the whole way through.

Clients can always bring their own wardrobe; if they need help choosing, she provides a thorough consultation and take-home style guide. Being a master of her craft, Hope knows what photographs well and helps her clients every step of the way.

Professional Hair & Makeup

As an added element of pampering, every session at Elevated Boudoir includes hair, makeup, and lashes done by one of Utah’s best professionals. In ninety minutes, every client transforms into the dream vision they have for their sexiest self. This beauty session amplifies each client’s features and assets and pumps them up for the shoot.

Gray haired older woman sitting in a chair while a makeup artist applies her boudoir makeup

Professional Posing Guidance

Once the glam session has concluded, Hope works her magic and creates an anxiety-free environment with her expert direction and posing guidance. Often women admit that posing for boudoir photos intimidates them the most. 

Hope is an expert at getting her clients warmed up and comfortable in front of the camera as she leads them through the ninety-minute session. No one is rushed or made to bare it all too quickly. The cadence that Hope creates provides comfort to her clients.

Photographer directing a boudoir photography session of a blonde woman in black lingerie

Hope and Heal

Boudoir photography goes way beyond anniversary gifts and sexy lingerie. At the core, it expresses feminine sexuality and everything it embodies. Hope Orr harnesses all that energy in a healing environment and captures it on film. 

Clients adore the luxury experience that Elevate Boudoir Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah provides. Their return on investment amplifies tenfold when they view their stunning images and slip back into that empowered woman they see before them. In a world that tries to keep women small, boudoir photography makes them larger than life. 

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